Attacker makes woman call her boyfriend. 911 dispatcher picks up the phone and plays along

In Clayton County, Georgia a man named Deonte Smith who is a 911 dispatcher , received one of the strangest calls he’s ever had. When answered the emergency line, the person on the call acted as if Smith was her boyfriend.

But things got serious quick, the woman’s attacker wanted her to call her boyfriend and have him listen her being assaulted. Thinking quickly, she called 911 instead, and Smith caught on immediately. Smith quickly acted to be the victim’s boyfriend, and attempted to persuade the man not to attack her while he figured out the location of the assault so he could dispatched police.
“[It was] the most extreme call of my career,” Smith told WSB-TV. “I have a daughter, I have a sister, and I have a mom. It’s difficult, it really is. I was really upset.” The police got there fast and when they arrived while the culprit, Robert Timothy Giles (above) was still assaulting her. He was arrested for rape, false imprisonment, and obstruction of justice.


“I’m glad I was there to help her. I really can’t say it enough. She saved her own life with her quick thinking,” said Smith.

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